Liebe zu Bayern ist unser stolz


Since 2014: 

In a social media our group made for FC Bayern fans on 01 Mar. 2014 then friendships and relationships began. FC Bayern Middle East fans #FCBParsi has started on 04 Jan. 2014 to cover the Persian-speaking fans or everyone who have familiarity with Persian language around the world. Fangroup recieved a warm support mostly from Iran, Armenia, Afghanistan, Tajikistan … and everything is underway so far. On April 15th 2015, our application to be an official fan club was approved by FC Bayern.


The founder known as BayernPars have +15 years of continuous activity for FC Bayern to create an atmosphere of closeness and family among the fans so because of this much times and passion has goes on service to FC Bayern, fans thinks Bayernpars is the club's official staff. BayernPars ultimate dream is became club’s staff or getting the responsibility of establishing or managing the Persian Twitter account of the club to serving the club and its supporters much better and more.


Founded day: 04. Jan 2014

Founder: BayernPars

Motto: Liebe zu Bayern ist unser stolz

Registered day: 15. April 2015

Fanclub Nr. 0099905157


How we stay active in our community and how we attract new members?

Along all support activities like a cultural complex we always support the charity of cancerous children. We don’t charge dues for membership like most of the fanclubs. Our goal is open environment, where anyone off the street can join us and share in our love for Bayern. While fan club numbers are obviously important, it’s not what drives us ...

Goals and dreams:
It’s honor to supports FC Bayern from about 3400 km away from Säbener Str. to the first city that have familiarity with Persian language. We have a diverse group of members when it comes to age and background, the frequency of Munich visits varies from member to member. But we planed to set some incomming home matches and asked members who would like to go to Allianz then just inform us then by the counter we can realise is there a proper numbers of fan to organize a trip or not. Unfortunately, so far no group trip has taken place but we are always ready for that. The dream is the chance to meet our players in Iran like other local fanclub in Germany. Having club legend like Robbery or Manuel Neuer and etc! Visit the club would be another great moment for us. One of our dream that we planned for is hosting FC Bayern US official members of Twitter in Iran that they are our close friends and helped us much more another official! And hope that in the near future we can organize a trip with members from the fan club.










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